Is Liposuction A Reasonably Safe Treatment?

In just the United States alone, over 400,000 liposuction procedures are carried out on a yearly basis. It is simply put, the most common and accepted cosmetic procedure out there in the world. The procedure allows people to quickly remove unwanted fat from the different areas of their bodies by having a medical professional insert a tube that sucks the fat from the affected areas.

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding liposuction is that it’s a method of losing weight or taking control of obesity. To make things clear, this procedure is meant to tone or sculpt the body when a person has a few extra deposits of fat. Essentially, there are no real health benefits to the procedure, it just provides a self-confidence boost to people of all ages. Even though many will claim that liposuction doesn’t have any negative side effects, that’s not necessarily true.

Liposuction can leave a number of side effects such as:

*Inflammation of the wounds that can last up to six months, and in some cases, may even ooze fluids.

*Noticeably bad bruising as a result of patients taking anti-inflammatory medications. Usually, patients that are easy bleeders will most often exhibit nasty bruises after liposuction.

*Temporary nerve numbness and irritation of the affected areas are also a common side effect.

*In very rare cases, organs may be ruptured as a result of the cannula going in too deeply. This doesn’t happen under normal circumstances, but patients can always be at risk.

*Some patients may experience kidney or heart problems as the fat is pumped out of the system. Changes in the body’s fluid levels may contribute to such problems.

*Patients can also experience allergic reactions to the medications being used during the procedure.

When you’re undergoing any type of a cosmetic procedure, you really need to ask yourself, is it worth the risk?