How Qualified are Beauty Therapists within a Salon?

The majority of beauty salons within the United Kingdom make a point of hiring the best beauty therapists in the business and with universities in London and Manchester providing an extensive range of training courses, there’s certainly no shortage of qualified practitioners. But how certified are these experts and why do some propose higher charges than other? Does it have anything to do with their level of qualifications, or does it have more to do with the fact that salons are in charge of their own prices?

Beauty Therapy Qualifications

Within the UK and Ireland, most beauty schools will base their courses around a particular curriculum known as NVQ. In order for any therapist to offer their services professionally within a beauty salon, they will need to demonstrate that they are skilled within a particular category of services.

This is where NVQs come into the frame. These certificates are split into levels, with number 1 being the basic qualification and number 4 being the most sought after. As can be expected, the first level can be obtained with the most ease; although it is worth noting that the courses do involve extensive study and practice.

As the levels increase, the skills expected of the student will be far more extensive. This is why certain cosmetic salons will offer a range of therapists – with those costing less typically possessing lesser qualifications than the ones that charge more. Once qualified, a beauty therapist will never lose their certification, so it can be possible to return to their studies to pursue higher education.

Some universities and colleges offer courses that go beyond level 4 and in these instances, those that obtain the higher certification are even more in demand by specialist salons that prefer quality over affordability. As mentioned above, most salons will make a point of employing a range of skillsets, but there are some that focus on cheaper services by featuring lesser qualified practitioners, and more expensive ones that feature highly trained experts.